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Ashford - 3 Piece Set (1 Cocktail 2 End Tables) - Light Brown

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Urban Living is defined as surrounding oneself in a modern environment, refurbished building or studio/loft. A natural feeling created by the living space as well as the furnishings that attribute to it. The essence of the Urban Living furniture is its unique ability to fit many different styles- rustic, casual, contemporary- a mixture of materials with distressed finishes and textured fabrics. Ashford is a modern take on rustic style with its planked top and rounded tapered legs sure to make your living room feel current with today's environment.

Product Features
  • Softly Rounded Tapered Legs
  • Planked Tops
  • Cocktail is Castered for Easy Movement
  • Bottom Shelf For Additional Storage
  • Bead Molding Around Table Aprons