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Atlas Max Support 5000 Firm

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The Atlas 5000 Firm is one of the firmest mattresses White Dove produces. This heavy-duty mattress is engineered for maximum support and durability. This bed is rated for 1000 lbs. Designed with anti-sag technology this mattrss is warranted not to get a body impression of more than 1/2" for 25 years! Frost Fiber sleep surface feels cool to the touch creating the perfect sleeping environment. Smooth top design for more comfort.

  • 1,250 individually wrapped coil system

  • Recommended for back sleepers

  • Single sided-no flip design

  • 12" mattress profile

  • 25 year warranty

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As a proud reseller of White Dove Mattresses, we are thrilled to offer our customers the pinnacle of sleeping comfort, directly from Cleveland, Ohio.

15-Point Inspection Process
Made in the USA
CERTIPUR-US Certified Foam
Family-Owned for 4 Generations

Freqently Asked Questions

What sets White Dove Mattresses apart from other mattress brands?

Simply put, White Dove Mattress' dedication to superior quality sets them apart. Their mattresses are made with the finest raw materials to ensure each mattress provides exceptional comfort, support, and longevity. Designed with unique features such as hand tufting, high-density foams, and robust slats, making them not just a purchase but a long-term investment in quality sleep. This commitment to excellence ensures that every night on a White Dove Mattress is a step towards a healthier, more rested you.

Are all White Dove Mattresses manufactured in the USA?

Yes! Every White Dove Mattress is proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA, featuring American-made steel coils and Amish-crafted wood bases. Their commitment to American craftsmanship is further underscored by their dedicated team, some of whom have been with them for decades. This dedication ensures not only superior product quality but also supports local workers and the American economy. White Dove Mattress truly offers an American-made sleep experience.

What is high-density foam in White Dove Mattresses?

Unlike standard foams, White Dove's high-density foam contains fewer air pockets and stronger cell walls, which significantly enhances the longevity and supportiveness of the mattress. Each night, ordinary low-quality foams compress and fail to rebound over time, leading to uncomfortable body impressions. White Dove's meticulously engineered foam mattresses are designed to resist this compression, maintaining their shape and support for years. This results in a mattress that not only feels luxurious initially but continues to provide consistent comfort for years to come, making it a smart investment for sustained quality sleep.

What type of warranty does White Dove Mattress offer?

White Dove Mattresses come with a flexible, tiered warranty structure to suit your needs and preferences. Depending on your choice of mattress, warranties range from 10 to 25 years, allowing you to decide based on your priority—whether it's greater value or enhanced longevity. This tailored approach ensures that your investment in a White Dove Mattress is protected over time, giving you peace of mind and a commitment to quality that adjusts to your lifestyle and usage.