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Davida Recliner


The Davida lift recliner is uniquely designed to cuddle the smaller in nature. It is comfort rated for up to 375 pounds and more ideal for those up to 5' 7" tall, however everyone's comfort preferences can vary.

Part of our Uplifting Comfort Collection of lift recliners, the new Tri Comfort lift recliners feature three independent motors. This three-motor system allows for infinite resting positions, customized lift options and unparalleled support for your legs, hips, back, neck, and head. 

All Tri Comfort lift recliners utilize our unique Luna System which allows the seat box to raise and lower relieving tension and promoting overall body wellness with positions like Zero Gravity and Trendelenburg. Experience the health benefits of weightless-like comfort.

The Davida Lift Recliner features are more modernly styled but with traditional charm. The slim line arms are lightly padded - enough for comfortable support of your arms, but sturdy as a solid foundation when you exit and enter your chair.

The easy to use and ergonomic hand wand has a convenient USB port at the end.  It features five pre-programmed positions: Lift, TV position, Reclined position, Zero Gravity and Home (footrest closed, and recliner back in upright position).  Eight additional buttons are included that allow you to further fine tune your comfort, including a power tilt headrest, Trendelenberg, and an infinite amount of others.

The chaise seat and chaise lounge features the cooling Performa Weave cushioning. This innovative material allows air to pass through creating a comfortable oasis, and is more durable than standard foam.

Available in your choice of fabric or medical grade vinyl. Made in the USA with expert craftsmanship!